As we believe that generous giving is one of the Marks of Discipleship and is definitely a spiritual matter, we encourage everyone to give freely, joyfully, regularly and sacrificially.   Our financial gifts make possible all we do together and a family of faith – providing for all our ministries and the staff, resources and facilities necessary to make them possible. When we give we are blessed as we know that we are being responsive to God’s call to be about His Kingdom work in the here and now.  We do so by “welcoming people to Jesus Christ, equipping people with a faith that works in their lives, and by sending people out into the world to serve in Jesus’ name.” Often, as we live in the world, to do so requires financial support.

Offering Envelopes:

Members of Salem receive offering envelopes.  
  • Envelopes are ordered each year and are distributed at the church mid-end of December for the new upcoming year.  
  • In your book of envelopes there are envelopes for each Sunday and other worship days in the year (i.e. Lent) as well as an envelope for our debt reduction.  
  • The envelopes themselves are “remittance” envelopes – meaning if people are not able to be in worship they are already addressed and ready to be mailed.
Electronic funds transfer:
Another method of regular giving is by using Simply Giving – an electronic transfer of funds (ETF).   
  • Each giver decides the amount and frequency of the electronic transfer of funds.  
  • You may use this method of giving for both your giving for the operations of the congregation as well as your giving for the debt reduction. 
  • Salem pays a set service fee to provide this option to members. 
  • The benefit of this method is you never forget to do the giving you intend to do.  It happens automatically.  It is a method of “first fruits” giving.  Instead of giving what is “left over”, you decide up front what to give to God’s Kingdom work.  
  • It also provides for a more consistent cash flow for your congregation.  
  • Many people use electronic transfer of funds to take care of their most important financial commitments – mortgage, utilities, insurances etc.
  • If you find ETF convenient, and acceptable perhaps you’d be interested in Simply Giving. To learn more download the SIMPLY GIVING information  form. If you are interested in pursuing your giving in this way download the Simply Giving Authorization Form.
If you use Simply Giving  for both regular offerings and  for your giving toward debt reduction you will not receive mailed offering envelopes.  This will save the  congregation the cost of printing and mailing envelopes.
online giving:
Contributions are billed to your credit card, debit card or through an E-check, either immediately or according to your chosen schedule.  
  • Set up your giving online through Sharefaith giving–see GIVE NOW below.
  • Schedule options are one-time giving, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (1st/15th), monthly, quarterly.
  • Fund options include the General Giving and Building Fund.
  • There is a 3% credit card/debit card transaction fee OR a 1% E-check (from checking or savings) transaction fee.  We ask that you consider paying this fee by checking the box “Help cover transaction fees associated with processing by adding to this gift”.
  • Change your giving at any time.