Worship times and styles

Gathering weekly to worship is one of the ways we experience the presence of God. God is present when hymns or songs of praise are sung, when prayers are spoken, when the Word of God is read and proclaimed and when the sacraments are celebrated. As Lutheran Christians we gather weekly around both Word (read and preached) and Sacrament. Communion is part of every Sunday worship experience and is open to anyone who wishes to receive the true presence of their Lord Jesus in the bread and wine. Recognizing that while we are all called to worship weekly, not all have the same preferences in musical style and format,   See our home page for worship times and styles.



The Salem Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings at 8:30 a.m. during the school year. If you can sing, share your gift of music and join the choir. The Salem Choir sings at the traditional worship service throughout the year. Our purpose is to share God’s word through music. Come, sing, have fun, make music, and meet new and old friends!! All ages from high school on up are invited to be a part of the Salem Choir. 

Christmas Cantata –Each year the Salem Choir is joined by other singers from the congregation and community to present the Christmas story using music, Scripture, prayers and poetry.  The music is a combination of new arrangements of traditional Christmas music and more recent compositions. Rehearsals begin in mid to late October.  The Cantata is presented mid-December. 

Salem Ringers

The Salem Handbell Choir rehearses Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. during the school year, and rings at the9:00 a.m. service once a month. Kevin Edstrom is the director. If you are interested in being a bell substitute or playing on a regular basis, contact Kevin Edstrom.
Praise Team
The Praise Team is a group of singers and instrumentalists which leads the congregational singing, as well as provides some “special music” at the Contemporary worship services.  Drums, guitars, bass guitar, key board join the voices in raising praises to God.  Much of the music is upbeat as we celebrate God’s graciousness; at other times the music brings us more worshipfully into God’s presence.  If you enjoy “Praise and Worship” music, and would be interested in being a part of a Praise Team, contact the Salem Lutheran Church Office, 218-534-3309.